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DW: The Pilot (s10e01)

It's been a while since series 9. There was a lot riding on the last series steered by Steven Moffat. Not only that, but the fact that it's also Peter Capaldi's last series as the Doctor. There are an awful lot of goodbyes going round, and one does not expect anything else, but great bits of mystery besides the usual showmanship displayed by Moffat in previous series. Somehow, thankfully, they started series 10 differently.

The episode starts of with us getting to know Bill played charmingly by Pearl Mackie. She works in the canteen at a University the Doctor's currently working at, giving out chips to the students, though clearly craving to learn as well, showing up at his lectures.

And why he noticed her?

She smiled when she didn't understand something.

The rest of the episode follows them through a period of time, with him tutoring her, and her developing feelings for a girl who's curious about a strange puddle. As an episode, The Pilot feels different and …

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