Outlander: Both Sides Now

(spoilers for s01e08)

Unlike last episode, this episode was very much of the action, progressing the characters and showing more forcefully how Claire is being pulled between two lives. The episode begins with us finally seeing how Frank is processing his wife's disappearance. It's an alteration from the book, but then again her husband was never much of a character. This is where the show has chosen the right path by dwelling a bit more on their relationship. It becomes rather unrealistic if Claire were to utterly forget her husband just because she has got another. She does not know Jamie in the length that she knew Frank, so ones sympathy (if one is unfamiliar with the books) lies with her husband who is desperately seeking her out.

you are too pretty for this world
Claire goes through a great deal in this episode, emotionally and physically. It's one horrendous ordeal after another, and the episode of course ends with a bang. Oh those cliffhangers would be a delight if the wait were until next Saturday, but is in fact April next year. There's a great deal of shows that split their seasons these days, spreading out the episodes for the fans, though frankly it's more of a torture than a pleasure. However, since they're using the time to edit the episodes, besides film the rest, I'm quite pleased.

I'll finally reveal what I don't want to have take place, though you'll have to mark the text to see it. When Claire is disobedient and Jamie has to beat her.  He enjoys it of course and it is super awkward really. It's the fact that Claire utterly accepts it, but the thing is I don't find it relevant to the plot. 
Let's hope they decide against it, because even twelve-year-old me saw it as wrong.



  1. Omg, this episode. I'm guessing Claire running off was more her need to reach a safe place rather than just running home to Frank. It seemed almost too sudden.

    I'm enjoying Black Jack Randall' scenes way too much. He's so terrifying!!

    Gonna be a long wait :(

    And what the hell, that spoiler. Let's hope they don't go there!

    1. The problem is if they DO go there I'm going to be rooting for Frank. Claire running off to the stones wasn't in the book, which is probably why, but for my own part - I didn't feel it so odd. She's just experienced something very traumatizing, it's no wonder she wants the feeling of safe, of home, of something more established.

      Black Jack is such a git, but he is well-played. Gah, everything, from being Frank to Jack. GAH.

      Haha, you can read the books and become very cross, lol.

    2. Yeah, they narrating just seemed a little lacking in that scene. I think they could have included her need for a safe place, instead of only focusing on the "I AM SO ANGRY I DIDN'T DO THIS SOONER".

    3. Haha, yes, though she could still be both. AH. We'll just have to wait and see. UNTIL April haha.


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