Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead


We've had a build-up, but are we going to have an actual pay-off? The show is known for selling, let's hope it comes close to a rewarding finale. The benefactor's actual identity, dramatic as it was fell rather short with its reveal, and I fear how this will play out really. We've seen Scott McCall suffer a great deal, but truly lose?

Okay, so his first love popped off, and that was pretty agonizing in itself, though I hardly expect someone to truly die this series despite the constant threats. If one ignores the 'baddies' who are clearly trying to off each other.

I hope at least it gets 'interesting'.

Only next weeks finale will truly tell.

The episode this week was interesting, though there were bits that are pointless in a way. The various scenes only give loose-threads and make you wonder you'll get to properly know why. Perhaps they're trying to use the catalogue of characters and try to point out 'they're all involved', even if there's not a lot of things going on.

Basically, Scott is kidnapped by past-hunter Kate, and she puts on a skull mask on him, so he'll fight his friends without them knowing its him.

I could of course point out the fact that his 'beta' sees one of those skull-blokes around all of the time, clearly hallucinating, so one wonders if he's seeing that he's going to be facing off Scott. I'm crossing my fingers for that, or else they'll have to make something more of it. It's perhaps a bit too much to expect a teen-show remind one of 'The Dark Knight', but in terms of build-up they've really upped the ante, so it's going to be disappointing if they don't give us something to shout over.


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